Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to air this baby out...

The air seems a little stale here, especially since I pretty much abandoned this whole blog-thingy. I tend to get stuck in my head sometimes, but I'm thinking that getting some of this crap out of my head might be helpful and maybe a little therapeutic. What has changed since the last time I posted? Well, my daughter was officially diagnosed with Autism back in November. I volunteered for a RIF at work, back in January. With my daughter's diagnosis and the problems with my son, I needed some time to focus on them and it was to hard when I was spending my days focused on getting enough sleep to work a night shift. What hasn't changed? My son is still getting in trouble at school, at my parents' house, etc. I still have a sucky support system. Oh, and I am still barely hanging on to my sanity.


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